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Introduction - What's this all about?

This Job Search Program aims to assist you with:
  • Developing strategies to search for a position
  • Completing a personal assessment to identify objectives strengths and achievements
  • Making a successful transition to your new position

This is an opportunity to assess your options and the skills you learn will assist you in finding new employment and in achieving future career advancement.

You will need:
  • Motivation

  • Determination

  • Strong application

  • Commitment

Download Your Personal Objectives Activity Sheet now.
Then choose to view it on screen, or print it so you complete it on paper while you learn.
To download the .pdf file, simply click on the icon.

Click this icon at the bottom of the activity pages to get the aassociated Activity sheet.

If you print them, keep your Activity Sheets all together in a folder.
At the end of this program you will have a complete Activity Manual as a valuable resource.
You can download the Cover Sheet and Contents pages for your Activity Manual now.

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