Youth job search program to help young people find a job. To assist young school leavers to look for a career and job. To teach school students and school leavers how to make a résumé, interview techniques, job search skills.
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Job Seeking - Networking

The idea of networking does play a major role in our everyday lives as everyone exchanges information on different subjects with others. It is vital for a successful job search to use this exchange of information appropriately and to your advantage.

We start with who we know and from that point we progress to who we can meet. While it may be that those in your immediate network can not assist you, they may be able to refer you and recommend you to others who can help. You must identify who you know and your objective and then successfully communicate that objective to your network.

While it is incorrect to believe that it doesn't matter what you know, it remains smart to recognise that exploring who you know can help you uncover more opportunities.

If research shows that over 65% of all positions are obtained through the ‘hidden market’, ie not advertised online or in the newspapers, it is critical not to underestimate the importance of networking.

The Pie Graph below demonstrates the importance of networking.

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