Youth job search program to help young people find a job. To assist young school leavers to look for a career and job. To teach school students and school leavers how to make a résumé, interview techniques, job search skills.
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Job Seeking - Your contact list

Who are your contacts?

People you have had contact with in the past and who you feel comfortable with contacting now or in the future.

  • People who are willing to talk with you

  • People who are knowledgeable in your area of interest

  • People who know many other people

A brainstorming list should result in 20 to 50 names.
The names can be given priority when the list is completed.

Some ideas:
  • Friends

  • Relatives

  • Teachers

  • Neighbours

  • Work experience colleagues

  • Social acquaintances

  • Members of clubs

  • Members of your religious or social groups

Download Network of Resource People Activity Sheet now.

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