Youth job search program to help young people find a job. To assist young school leavers to look for a career and job. To teach school students and school leavers how to make a résumé, interview techniques, job search skills.
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The Interview - Your preparation

1. Do your research

Researching the company and the industry in which they operate shows initiative, enthusiasm and a keen interest in the role.

The fastest way to conduct research on a company is online. Start off with the company’s website and then try expanding your search using a search engine. Try to answer the following questions:

  • What are the company's core products and services?
  • Does the company have a "point of difference" which differentiates it from competitors?
  • What industry does the company work in and who are their competitors?
  • Does the company have a set of core values which all its employees are expected to show?
  • 2. Preparation

    You should ensure you prepare thoroughly so that you are able to talk comfortably about yourself, your experience and how it relates to the role.

  • Be familiar with your CV and be prepared to answer questions from it. Similarly, ensure you have read any job description thoroughly and think of ways in which your experience will benefit your potential employer
  • Think of the skills you will need for the job, write them down and think about if you have those skills. Once you have done so, prepare some examples of the work you have done in the past that demonstrates those skills
  • Prepare yourself in advance for common interview questions, e.g. "What are your strengths / weaknesses?", "Why do you think you would be good in this job?"
  • Conduct practice interviews with friends and family until you can comfortably answer questions without hesitation
  • Prepare questions to ask the employer.
  • 3. Plan your interview attire
  • Always wear a neat, ironed shirt / blouse and pleated pants / an appropriate length skirt, together with sensible, polished shoes. No T-shirts, jeans or sneakers.
  • Consider if a tie and suit / business skirt are appropriate - if the job is of a professional nature, then business attire is a must. Don't be afraid to invest in a good, tailored suit / skirt - if you get the job you will need it!
  • Your clothes and hair need to be washed and you need to look very well groomed and at your best.
  • Limit the "bling"! Large or obtrusive jewellery can be a distraction, as can very strong perfumes or aftershaves.
  • Dress conservatively. It's generally better to be over-dressed than under-dressed.

  • 4. Know where you are going, how to get there and arrive ahead of time
    Find out where the interview will be, obtain clear directions and plan your journey by looking up an online map or a street directory. Find out train/bus/tram times to ensure you are on time and whatever you do, DON’T BE LATE!

    Try to be about 10mins early; it will show you are reliable and keen. It will also give you time to check yourself in the mirror, adjust your clothing or hair, get a drink of water and discretely freshen your breath.

    Click the picture below to download the interview cheat sheet, full of useful tips for interviews.

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