Youth job search program to help young people find a job. To assist young school leavers to look for a career and job. To teach school students and school leavers how to make a résumé, interview techniques, job search skills.
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Job Offers - Critical information

With hard work, persistence and commitment, job offers could present themselves. If you are offered a job, it is important to understand the responsibilities and agreements both you and your prospective employer are making to each other.
Before you agree to a position or sign a contract, you should know and agree with the employer on the following:
  • The right position.
  • The job's responsibilities.
  • The job's hours / days.
  • The job's pay.
  • Training provided.
  • Any conditions required to achieve commissions, rewards or bonuses.
  • Any probationary periods.
  • Any risks or expenses (including parking or transport to work)
Once you are clear on what's on offer, it's time to come to an agreement or negotiate
  • It's a smart idea to get any offer in writing before agreeing to it.

  • Ask if you can take any contract or agreement home to read over it first.

  • You can find out information about what the minimum wage is and what you should be earning from the Federal Government's Workplace Authority Website.

  • If you are able to, it's also a good idea to get someone experienced and trusted to look over any contracts to make sure they seem fair and help you figure out if you need to ask some questions first.

  • If you are not sure whether you are being offered a position, ask for clarification.

  • Keep any other interviews, appointments or offers alive until you've accepted the position.
  • If you are unhappy with any conditions of a contract or agreement, you may be able to negotiate with the employer - try to set up a "win - win" situation where neither the employer nor you lose out by altering conditions.

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