Youth job search program to help young people find a job. To assist young school leavers to look for a career and job. To teach school students and school leavers how to make a résumé, interview techniques, job search skills.
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Job Offers - The final stages

You will make the right decision if you review the process you have been through and what you have learned along the way.

  • Does this offer match your short term goals?

  • Are you using your skills to the maximum?

  • Does it match your personal requirements and circumstance outside of work?

  • Does it feel right?

  • Do any negatives outweigh the positives?

Once you have decided to accept the position, contact the person responsible for hiring you. It is perfectly appropriate to accept an offer on the telephone.

Ask for:
  • A letter confirming the offer.

  • Position title.

  • Start date.

  • Terms of employment.


Once received, you are in a position to close down your job search completely.

Contact all others who have made offers or with whom you have had negotiations and inform them of your decision. Contact your network, including referees, and thank them in a manner appropriate to their contribution, ie a phone call, an email or something more substantial.

For an example of what a thank you email to a referee might look like, click here.


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