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Evaluation & Career Planning - About you

What kind of role are you looking for?

Four critical factors for a successful career are:
  • Job satisfaction
  • Maximising your strengths with little exposure to your weak points.
  • Utilising your education and/or experience
  • Finding a culture, environment and team structure in which you will fit and thrive
Therefore, in considering your next step you must look at:
  • your skills (strengths)
  • what you enjoy / think you'd enjoy in the workplace (needs/wants)
  • education and background (the résumé ).


At the same time, you need to evaluate those negative factors which will cause frustrations or expose weaknesses that could possibly lead to a bad work experience.

Download Your Immediate Goals Activity Sheet now.
Then choose to view it on screen, or print it so you complete it on paper while you learn. To download the .pdf file, simply click on the icon.

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