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Evaluation & Career Planning - Skills & strengths

Everybody has skills or talents, some are acquired or learned while others are inherent.

Consider your skills and make an honest list. This is also a good time to ask family and friends the question, “What am I good at?”

Your skills may cover:
  • Skills with people such as communication
  • Operational skills such as computers
  • Skills through education and training
  • Outside interests and hobbies such as community activities or sporting achievements
  • Skills you have obtained through volunteer work or work experience

It may help you if you consider the activities you have undertaken during your education and extra curricula activities.

By noting your involvement, specific skills needed to complete tasks will be apparent.

Some Examples:

If you have participated in a team sport, you might list some of the following example skills and strengths if they apply to you:

  • able to lead and motivate others
  • team player
  • disciplined and reliable
  • able to work well in pressured siutations
  • persuasive public speaking
  • able to communicate effectively
  • able to follow directions and quickly learn new skills
  • willing to listen
  • ability to use initiative whilst following set rules

  • If you have worked in a restaurant, shop or a family business, you might have acquired some of the following skills and strengths:

  • cash handling
  • providing excellent customer service
  • stock control and rotation
  • end-of-day till reconciliations
  • working autonomously
  • following business procedures
  • opening and closing duties
  • handling customer enquiries and grievances

  • If you have been part of a youth group or program, you might have learnt some of the following example skills and strengths:

  • resourcefulness and initiative
  • leadership
  • team focus and cooperation
  • determination, perseverance and enthusiasm
  • maturity and responsibility
  • social and community responsibility

  • Download Skills and Strengths Activity Sheet now.

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