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Evaluation & Career Planning - Achievements & Weaknesses

Look at your list of skills that you have noted down in the last activity.

It will now be possible for you to relate this list to some of your specific major achievements.

Note these specific major achievements down.

Click here for examples of achievements and the skills they are linked to

Turning achievements into examples - identifying:
Problem, Action & Results (P.A.R.)

Now from the list of your acheivements, look for achievements that came about because you provided a solution or response that influenced the outcome of the situation.

Document the Problem (or Situation), the Action you took and the Results.

Click here for examples of achievements put into a P.A.R. response

Download P.A.R Activity Sheets now. (This activity is great as it will help you build examples for tricky interview questions later!)


Now check for areas that need further development.

No one is perfect. Each of us has areas where either we need to improve or we simply do not have the natural flair or motivation to perform certain tasks.

Also consider what additional experience or skills you will need in order to secure your desired role.

Download Weaknesses Activity Sheet now.



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