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Evaluation & Career Planning - Job satisfaction

Job satisfaction is very important. While the rewards of some jobs can outweigh the downsides temporarily, when looking for something longer term, nobody wants to wind up in a job which they hate or which bores them!


Ask yourself:
  • What do I really enjoy doing?
  • What really motivates me?
  • Do I wake up really looking forward to my day?
  • On completion of the day, do I have a sense of achievement and self fulfilment?

Without enjoyment in what you do, you are not able to perform to the best of your ability, therefore, it is necessary to list the things you enjoy.

Not sure what your professional likes and dislikes are?
If you haven't held a position previously or are stuck working out what tasks in the workplace you really do or don't enjoy, in order to gain some ideas, think of situations from school, home, social events and projects you've been a part of.

Click here for examples of tasks that might suit your personality, inclinations and preferences

Of equal importance are activities which cause frustration. These should be avoided in your job. Again think of times when you have felt frustrated and try and identify what caused that frustration.

Download Job Satisfaction/Frustration Activity Sheet now.

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