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Structure of the résumé

How will your résumé look and read?



Some general advice and points to consider are:


    The Front Page

  • Your front page should contain headings and dot points which work similarly to headlines and captions in newspapers - they should quickly direct your reader to the most important information - i.e. the key reasons why you are right for the employer.
  • You should always have contact information such as a phone number and email address on your front page.
  • A picture isn't necessary, but if you are going to add one, consider the message it will convey - what does it say about your maturity, professionalism, warmth and appropriateness? If it doesn't make you a more attractive professional proposition, leave it out.
  • Length

  • While length is clearly a serious consideration, it is more important that a résumé be visually appealing, informative, clear and concise.
  • Layout

  • Use paragraphs that are concise, well spaced and well positioned on the page. Consider the use of bullet points, underlining or titles. Make use of white space.
  • Language

  • Language used should be specific, clear, succinct, positive, exciting and personal.
  • Use action words eg. developed, achieved, organised, etc. Click here for examples of action words put into sentences within a résumé
  • Use words efficiently and write in short, clear sentences.
  • Keep your goal in mind when creating your résumé and support the impression you wish to give (e.g. that you really do have great attention to detail or administrative skills.)
  • Accuracy is imperative. Proof read until you are sure there are no errors in your spelling or grammar. To make sure, give your résumé to a relative or friend with good language skills to check it for you before you send it out.

  • Submitting Hard Copies

  • If you have access to email, you should submit your resume by email. If you need to submit a hard copy, paper colour should be conservative. Use quality paper. Your covering letter and envelope should match your résumé for a professional presentation.

    ...keep reading the next activity for more résumé tips...  



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