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Employment Links

The following websites also contain information for job seekers and can provide practical tips for securing the job you're after:
  • Australian Workplace - The Australian Government's Australian Workplace website. This page provides career and job search tips.
  • Job Search - This is the Australian Government's Graduate Recruitment Links Section. It details a host of Government organisations which employ graduates following completion of tertiary study. 
  • WISE - WISE is an initiative to assist people with disabilities or from disadvantaged backgrounds in gaining employment. Here you will find their job search tips. 
  • Fair Work Australia- Government website which helps you find information on wages and conditions of employment throughout Australia, as well as much more.
  • Australian Jobsearch Career Information - Australian Jobsearch Career Information is an Australian Government site providing information about job prospects across a broad range of occupational categories.
  • Seek - Seek are a major online job advertising site. Here they provide some great insider tips on writing a great resume.
  • Career Resources Page - Seek also provide this page which has a heap of information on developing your career.
  • My Career - MyCareer is a major online job advertising site. Here you can find their page of job tips and letter samples.
  • TAFE Australia - Here you will find links to TAFE Colleges throughout Australia if you want to top up your education and training.
  • Graduate Careers Australia - Another great resource for graduates or those soon to graduate who are looking to enter the jobs market. Here you'll find their essential final year tips for job search success. 
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