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A Bit of Fun

A Bit of Fun

So you think YOUR job is bad!!

(Check out this fun site below.)

Hey...Looking for a job can be fun too!

Check out these sites to give a few fun hints about who you are, and how smart you are.

The tests below are free 'teaser' tests - mostly to encourage you to pay for something more comprehensive. Do the free tests by all means. Whether you pay for additional information is entirely your decision. We do NOT endorse these tests. We make no claims about their validity, reliability or otherwise.

What we do advise is this....DON'T take any of this too seriously. This is a page for FUN!  If you really want to find out more about your personality type, the kind of job which suits you, or how smart you are, talk with your teachers, parents, friends or career counsellor and get a referral to an appropriate professional.

And maybe after you have done some  of the tests check out this page too.

Maybe you'll and get an alternative viewpoint that is worth considering, and you can judge for yourself how seriously you want to take this kind of testing.
 (Click here or the image)

See how smart you are:

(Click here or the image)


What personality type are you?

Take this psychology test to find out about your personality!
(click here or on the image)


Free Myers-Briggs* test ? Well, actually, it's not really the Myers Briggs test, but something like it. An adaptation of it. (click here to check it out). *Myers-Briggs is a trademark of Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc.

If you are a colourful person you might like this one: (click the image or here)
or this one:(click the image or here) for many tests and a sound-track too!

The above too serious? Well...check these out for a laugh instead.

JOKES.COM...Jokes on just about any subject!

Jokes, cartoons and funny pictures (Click the image or here)

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